Napoléon & Waterloo

Although he was beaten on the battlefield, Napoléon has not lost his aura, still exerting his fascination on audiences.

Already, in 1903, Toone VII – Jean-Antoine Schoonenburg – played “Napoléon” with great success. Journalist Louis Quiévreux will recall some flavoursome passages of the framework on which the play was based.

TOONE VII wrote a parody on the hero’s history, ending in Waterloo after the fight for Corsican independence (still a subject of current affairs), meeting Josephine, the Directory, the Egyptian campaign, the Consulate, the Consecration, his marriage to Marie-Louise, and finally, the ultimate confrontation.

Like in all his other works, the puppeteer also presents characters of popular tradition. Here, grumpy Jef Pataat recalls his campaigns to friend Woltje, aide-de-camp of the emperor.

Following the path of his predecessors, TOONE VIII allows himself some anachronisms and allusions to Belgian political life...


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