Ruy Blaes

Ruy Blas, an indentured commoner and a poet, dares to love the Queen...

The show is in French. Adapted from Victor Hugo’s play.
Here is a little summary:

The scene is Madrid around 1699, during the reign of Charles II.
The Queen is upset about Don Salluste, a nobleman. She asks him to leave Madrid. Don Salluste is hence left completely destitute and he wants revenge…
The story centers around a practical joke played on the Queen, by Don Salluste, in revenge for being scorned by her. Knowing that one of his slaves, Ruy Blas, has secretly fallen in love with the Queen, and having previously failed to enlist the aid of his scapegrace but chivalrous cousin, Don César, in his scheme, Don Salluste disguises Blas as a nobleman and takes him to court. Intelligent and generous, Blas becomes popular, is appointed prime minister, and begins useful political and fiscal reforms, and conquers the queen’s heart.
Don Salluste returns to Madrid to take his revenge. The Queen and Ruy Blas are betrayed into a compromising situation by Don Salluste…that could lead to the destitution of the Queen!

There are no future events.



"The Puppets Times" French, so far...but we’re working on it!