Le Bossu

adapted from Paul Féval’s famous novel.

Based on real events, the story is set in France in two distinct periods, 1699 and 1717.
The novel is one of a number of works such as "The Three Musketeers" which helped define the genre of "swashbuckler" novel, known in French as a "roman de cape et d’épée".
The show is in French, here is a little summary:

"If you don’t come to Lagardère, Lagardère will come to you!"

Such is the oath given by the adventurer Lagardère to the wicked Prince de Gonzague, who has plotted to murder the daughter and seize the fortune of the dashing Duc de Nevers. In the first part, the Prince de Gonzague murders the Duc de Nevers. Henri Lagardère rescues Nevers’ daughter Aurore and raises her in exile.
The second part describes Lagardère’s triumph over the Prince de Gonzague...

First part:

The story of the hunchback begins in the childhood of little Henri, an abandoned child, raised by a poor woman, called ‘Maman Bernards’ (Mother Bernards).

On her death, Henri comes under the protection of two swordsmen called Cocardasse and Passepoil who initiate him with the art of swordsmanship.

As a young man, during an ambush in a castle called ‘Le Fossé de Caylus’, he defends Philippe of Lorraine, the duke of Nevers.

The latter teaches him his secret weapon. The ‘botte secrete of Nevers’ (it is a deadly blow between the eyes).

Second part:

Unfortunately the Duke is murdered by bandits. Before he dies he leaves his little daughter, ‘Blanche’, under the protection of young Henri.

‘Henri of Lagardère’ goes to Spain in order to protect little Blanche for 20 years. Blanche is thus raised in Spain.

When she gets to the age of twenty, she & Henri return to Paris. Lagardère disguises himself up as a hunchback in order not to be recognized.

Unfortunately Blanche is kidnapped by a dreadful enemy.

Lagardère now has a double mission: to get revenge for Blanche’s father, and to return Blanche to her mother ‘Aurore de Caylus’.

Madame ‘Aurore de Caylus’ will have the opportunity to restore Blanche’s wealth & title. Next on stage…

There are no future events.



"The Puppets Times"....in French, so far...but we’re working on it!