Royal Theater Toone

Bordering the Impasses Schuddeveld and Sainte-Pétronille, you will find one of the favourite places of Brussels citizens: La Maison de Toone.

The Maison de Toone is simultaneously a typical estaminet with its Spanish pink brick walls, blackened beams and tiled floor, and a puppet theatre in the attic, with its wooden benches, festooned, multicoloured cushions nailed into the raw wood planks, a workshop that manufactures puppets, a library, video-library, and finally, a puppet museum. There, we find the characters who retired from the stage, these Toone heroes of the past and fetish characters of fellow puppeteers from around the world.

"Toone et les marionnettes de Bruxelles"
De Andrée Longcheval et Luc Honorez.
Aux Editions Paul Legrain. 1984.

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